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What does Homaurea mean?

Homaurea is the commercial name we chose to publicize our startup project of Real Estate Agency in Sóller, Mallorca.

As can be immediately deduced, the term comes from the sum of the words “home” and “aurea” (English and Latin). The idea, like the logo, arose from the observation of the shell (housing) of some molluscs and the concept of a house that follows the pattern of the golden ratio … Hence the name Homaurea that is nothing more than the romantic idea. that inspired the corporate image.

Who is behind the trade name Homaurea?

Toni Jaume Catany – API collegiate – Perito Real estate appraiser in Soller Mallorca
Toni Jaume Catany – API collegiate
The truth is that, although I always speak in the plural, Homaurea is a one-person project. My name is Antoni Jaume Catany, I am a Certified Property Agent (API), Judicial Expert, trained in marketing and advertising and I have the privilege of living among the paradises of Mallorca and Basel.

So … why in the plural?

The answer is for thanks: I am surrounded by wonderful people (family and friends) who support me unconditionally and without whom, and being totally honest, the project would never have even been born.

So you know: whether you contact via email or by telephone, you will speak with me and I will be happy to assist you.

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